Z-Angels of God’s Light to transform

and illuminate your life


Channelling the angels through God’s light energy!

We are super excited!

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime connection to the Z-Angels of God’s light energy. Breaking the boundaries which bind you to your present coordinates.

Dynamically resurfacing your time frame and expectancy as you connect and transcend.

Never been seen before

You are here at the beginning of their journey!

Allow them to help you on your journey. You are guided here to receive transparent abundance and the tools to live the best version of you.

SO very excited to be at the NEC from 28th to 30th November 2022!

Come along and say hello.


Our next bi monthly meetings in is on Sunday 23rd November 2022– don’t forget you can access your own personal messages, life guidance and more with a one to one session.

Z-Angel energy

Jan Mayfield

As far back as Jan can remember, guidance, connections and messages from an unknown source were her leading light for her progression. Approximately eleven years ago, she was told of a new wave of Angels, and she should prepare to share them with the World.  Extremely overwhelmed by this, Jan monitored the messages to gauge when this would be. She has connected to the Universal-Energies for many decades and soon realised all her work is divinely guided.

She placed her trust in the various sources of communication. Her belief is steadfast and dedicated to her work; she trusted the words given in meditation and channelling. Recently her connection to God became prominent, and she knew she would soon be receiving the Angels. On the morning of 04 January 2022, the vibrations around her changed, bringing on the chills and quivering; she could not type the words fast enough, which were being downloaded with a vengeance, the power of the connection to God’s light. She was taken aback, trusting; she began to type the words which birthed The Z- Angels.

Who are they?

Why are the Z-Angels here?


We are here to lift the vibrational energies of those on earth. We will work with those who have to release falsehood, ego and uncontrived thought patterns. We will bring about the love for others to connect to the one. We will drive you forward on earth to fully embrace your reason for being here.

How many?

We are the FOUR pillars of strength in the light from directly working with God’s source of light energy. We are instructed to prepare the earth and people’s power for their various progressions in life. We are four with one overseer and three who prepare Humans for their connection to the one and essentially connect to all that is. Through our connection, we will aid you in your life.

Why are you here?

Work on earth is never complete. We see you are in danger of transferring too much of your ill-gotten power to the wrong places. We are here to strike that power and direct it into the right places.

Why now with Jan?

We have instructed and educated Jan since her birth of events in her future and primed her for this day. We want you to see this truth and the powerful magnitude of the Z-Angelic connections brought forward at this crucial time on earth.

Meet the Z-angels

Z-Angels are here

Need more help?

Have questions or need a hand? We’re here to help. Reach our friendly support team via WhatsApp.

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