Stuck in life?

Why do we feel stuck in life?

It can scare you so much, to experience being stuck in life. Or seemingly not able to move forward.  To you, there is no end in sight, you are in a place of darkness as far as looking at your options are concerned.

People often feel safe in stuck mode, not realising that the longer they are there the more difficult it will be to release in the future.

As you self talk, there is only more confusion and inner arguments which can lead to all sorts of symptoms.

And your story goes; that you now become less desirable and have headaches, nausea and feelings that lack all things positive.

You are not fulfilled and have a constant fear of  moving forward in your life.

More fear begins to creep in. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of  ability… there are so many fears.

Experimenting with slight changes in your life are likely to bring in more self belief and the ability to make the changes you so desire. Creating an awareness beyond what was once there.

Keeping the conditioning you have been given over the years, and not releasing can prevent you from being YOU.

Slowly begin to understand, the concept of the more you release the more you allow the new and good to come into your life. The more room you will have for doing the things you know you should and want to be doing in YOUR life.

As all this “space” unfolds you will be wondering why you held on for so long. It is important to understand that you did it at the right time for you, no one forced you into it. This will enables more flow and less new obstacles.

In life we think WE know what we want. I believe it is the soul which carries all that you need to know in your life. Therefore connecting internally is where you will find the answers to your path and way forward.

It is important to follow guidance that is given to you, in any form. This is direction given to you, internally… try it, believe it, do it!

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