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About Jan Mayfield, who is thrilled to share the Z-Angels with you, and a little about her life.

Jan’s soul is here to shape you and help you grow in your life. It is here to guide you to different ways of thinking, eliminate what does not work and replace it with something that does.

In her later years, Jan embraces what is divinely guided to her. She works with a deep connection to God’s light and the universal-energies.

In a nutshell, her life consisted of bouts of severe depression, suicide attempts, and the loss of her long-term partner. Her two children grew up with Jan as both mum and dad.

Having fun and engaging in her soul purpose from an early age brought on the connection to all things none earthly. With her intense intuition, she rolls out the solutions to your problems.

Such a positive, embracing, naturally gifted person, Jan is humbled by the many unexplained experiences in her life. She knows she is here to serve and teach you to know and reach, intuitively, your place of being.

Angels have been in Jan’s life, tentatively dancing around her. Z-angels will be revealed as they connect through Jan and the people ready for their transformations. Now is a significant time of change.

This will be a time you will never forget. Make sense of your life and our surrounding earth, all is being revealed to you.

Jan is always moving on in various ways and believes that we should continue to evolve until we take the last breath in this earthly body. After which the soul continues to evolve. Jan fully embraces her spiritual path, which has been with her since birth and took a catalytic change after a car accident that left her with Fibromyalgia – that she has put into remission with positivity and sheer determination and courage.

Her stage appearances in her psychic medium mode will have you spellbound. She will be introducing the Z-Angels at these events too.

Do not underestimate the power of this woman’s abilities as, intuitively, she is among the most powerful women in her field.

What People Say

“I just love how you combine your experience in the personal development industry with your spiritual teachings. The world needs more people like you, especially now.

Landi Jac, Global Director, Worldwıde Busıness INTELLIGENCE

‘You always give me a structure to my life, show me the way, light the touch paper… and away I go… thank you Jan”

R. D Davies

“You are my connection to all things.”

Fional J C

Trust and Believe!

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