Chakra and Balancing

Chakra’s are energy vortex with in the body, there are around 80,000 in all. The 7 main ones that beginners need to concentrate on are aligned down the center of the body.

The kitchen sink has had too much debris put down it and it has become blocked because no one cleaned it out on a regular basis. It frustrates you when the water slowly goes down the plug hole, sometimes it gurgles to let you know it is not happy, but still it is not cleaned out. One day the water does not go down and the sink fills with water instead. Now something has to be done, clean out the pipes and notice the water flows freely. Why did you ignore the gurgles of the warning signs?

Chakras can become blocked too, partially or fully it does not matter as anything that is not free flowing will cause problems in some form or another. Stagnant chakras can manifest into emotional or physical symptoms, each chakra is associated with emotions and different parts of the body (see below). You body will give warning signs just like the gurgles in the sink, listen and act.

There is so much to read about chakras and I am not going to type it all here, this is the basics that most people miss and or forget. Use a search engine to delve deeper into chakras.

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