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You can experience dynamic energy connections to the Z-Angels

in the

Facebook membership group.

We will are working with the angels to consciously prepare you for your alignment with your soul and life purpose.

There is something very profound when you have that celestial connection to the Z-Angels.

The power of each one is most definitely felt, in a live session or meditation Jan will connect you to the Z-Angels.

Each of the Angels brings their own strength and personality as do their siblings.

Facebook Membership

Thank you for joining the Z-Angels facebook group


You will be given a message within the group on a live session Jan prepares with each angel.

TRILUCE – channelled for you to access all that is.

ZIKTON- Jan channels the energy to release all that you carry in the first seven years of your life, that is no longer required.

ZANOLA – channelled energies from the heart connecting you to the vibration of earth and supreme vortex fields.

MANSCULE – channelled energies to enhance your belief, trust, faith and grace in life.

There is no better time to join the group, as we grow with the angels we will all benefit from their presence.

Jan will be live in the group once a week and offer a monthly ZOOM session with meditation, Q&A and channelled messages from the Z-Angels. Each day there will be an inspirational message from one of the Z-angles. Jan often pops in with an impromptu live session.

Click on the link below and you will be taken to PayPal where you can create your membership. You are free to leave at any time, there are no refunds, if it is not for you then cancel your subscription.

Thank you for being here and showing an interest in being with the Z-Angel family!

Facebook Membership

Thank you for joining the Z-Angels facebook group


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