Grounding and Protection

I am in the process of writing a beginners book and online awareness course. However, I have noticed a pattern with the beginners, especially in recent reading promotion. Most have never been taught the importance of GROUNDING AND PROTECTION and some did not know what it is. It is the basics.

Here is my version that you can adapt to suit your personal needs and pass around to others.

Think of grounding and protecting yourself as a way of refining the work you are doing, you are not an open channel for everyone to enter. You need to be refined to work with precision, otherwise everthing gets jumbled up and you will not see a way forward.


It is always important to ground and protect yourselves, not only as a beginner, but as you advance too.

I will talk you through the way I do it to give you the gist of what you should be saying, you can vary this as you wish and can read many variations on the Internet, do what works for you; it is important that you believe and are comfortable with what you are doing.

First of all sit or stand with your feet firmly on the ground.

To protect yourself take a few deep inhales and exhales, bring in the white light as you inhale. Exhale, to push out the old stored energies. Do this about 6 times, deep and meaningful is key, not quick in and out breathing.

Imagine now your body is filling with a beautiful white light, the most vibrant and loving light ever seen. It starts from the bottom of your feet, so entering through the soles rising up your legs it fills every available gap, every place there is inside your body up to your torso… imagine the light now moving slowly all the way filling all the space in your body to your


Slowly to your


Slowly to your


Slowly to your


Slowly to your


The light now moves out the top of your head, see how it now connects up to the divine source, reaching higher and higher.

It is now time to place a bubble of love protection around you, a beautiful pink bubble, this makes you smile as you do this. Imagine that you are standing inside a bubble, it can be made of anything but is pink in colour

Now imagine a circle of mirrors with the reflective side facing out, you place yourself inside the circle of mirrors.

You are doing this so that anyone or anything who is sending not so good thoughts or vibrations to you will be reflected back to them. With this you will always feel love and light around the reflection and to the person.

Lastly I want you to imagine a tardis that is lead lined.

Quoted from Dr Who

‘When the Doctor first touched the TARDIS console he said the ship was the most beautiful thing he’d ever known. And then he stole it, choosing to crash through the cosmos, saving people and planets and being taken where he needed to go by his frankly magnificent time machine.’

I want you to walk into your Tardis, make it your own… flowers, colours, fabrics etc

Close the door

Lock the door

Put the key in your pocket

Bolt the door

Now feel that wonderful sense of protection.

The next step is to ground yourself, you can do this before protection if you wish. It is personal preference nothing more.

Whilst inside your Tardis imagine now a few very strong green vine leaves with age old strength in the vine attached to your shoulders. Imagine them running the length of your body, inside through your chest, torso and down each leg, finally out through the bottom of your feet, which are still firmly planted on the earth inside the tardis, The vines go very deep into Mother Earth when you see a large rock or crystal visualise the vines being wrapped around them. Anchoring you to Mother Earth like a root of a tree.

You may want to do this every day or just when you feel the need. I would encourage every day when you are just starting out.

Be guided and enjoy every step of your journey.


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