Let’s talk Death- webinar

People passing over –  death – died – lost loved one


However you dress it up, the end of life is death- but is it the end?
Why do people not want to talk about it? I am going to talk about it here on this webinar

Why would I put on a webinar about death?
I run many live sessions on social media and the people who attend are those who are looking for confirmation, help and guidance when they have lost a loved one.

I want to talk about Death on a webinar

I will discuss:

  • Pre-life
  • Life
  • Afterlife
  • Those left behind
  • The soul which has passed out of its earthly body
  • Releasing the earthly connection
  • The spiritual side of the soul and reconnecting with you


I am a spiritual person who connects to the souls who have passed over (a medium/psychic) I will speak to you as my experiences guide me.

Not everyone will agree with me, that is fine as not everyone agrees with everything in this world.

What I do categorically know is, all the people I have connected to with my way of dealing with death, have found so much comfort and have acknowledged things falling into place.

And they have realised they do not have to spend years in the traditional grieving process which is talked about with anyone who has lost someone.(This might be right for some people), but why are so many coming to me for advice if the traditional way works!

I am giving you the opportunity to listen and ask questions of the spiritual Universal Energy Teachings way.

 I know this way makes people smile as they think about their loved ones.
 I know this way gives people the opportunity to ‘see’ death as a continuation rather than an end.
 I know this way supports the passed souls’ intention to connect with the people on earth.

We don’t have all the answers and we all have different beliefs. I am giving you something else to think about to help yourself at these emotional times.

Find your belief…

Join me and see for yourself, how, why and what I have to say.

While this event is free
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Love and blessings
Places are limited

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