Lost loved ones?

Universal-Energies connecting

(Helping those whose loved ones have passed)

I have so many people asking questions about loved ones who have passed over. Usually wanting to be able to sense them around, and they want to know how they are etc. To make things happen and to be aware of the changes that you need to make, is more than a one-off reading. This is what has prompted me to put a package together for you.

Choosing a traditional reading is usually a one-off and yes, we can talk about the passing, connect to them and give you guidance.  You need more support than that.

This package put together for those of you who have lost someone close and are wondering how you can help yourself to connect to the soul of that person and to release the energy that so often blocks this from happening.

  • Of course, you want to feel them around you.
  • Of course, you want to know they are safe and happy in their new destination.
  • Of course, you don’t really want to let go of wanting them.
  • Of course, you need help to enable all this.


What next?

This package gives you the opportunity to come back to me and discuss how you are feeling. It allows us to connect again. It gives you the time to take on board the things you need to do spiritually to connect to your loved one.


What next?

There is one more connection within this package… We speak again, about your progress, we make another connection to your loved one and you learn a little more about allowing their energy to be around you.

This package will

  • Give three phone/skype calls
  • Give you guidance on how to release
  • Give you guidance on how to connect/sense and know when they are around you
  • Assure you that it was their time to go and nothing would have changed that
  • Give you information from your passed love one
  • There is no time scale to this package, you may purchase as many as you need.

People who have worked with me before on releasing loved ones to allow them to come closer have experienced something special. They have a knowing that all is well. They learn to live with the energy, not the longing for them to return. It alters the traditional grieving process.

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I am here to connect and help you through these times.

I say it as it is with love and compassion.

~spiritual always~

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