Hello Manscule, I am blessed to meet you.

The magnificence of light surrounding the crown of Manscule reveals the purpose of joining with you on earth. The presence of Manscule will bring peace and harmony in love and stability to your inner core.

As with Triluce, Zıkton, Zanola, Manscule will glide into your life at the most opportune moment to grace you will strength and push you to the place of no resistance. Your inner light needs to be ready at this point, and you need to be connected to your inner passions and soul guidance. Now is the time for you to follow all that is given and take those human thoughts away.

We have no room for ego and judgemental thoughts and words at this time in your presence on earth. You will have moved forward from this and likely to have encountered a rather traumatic event in your life. From this, you will have the ultimate empathy with your presence on earth.

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