Triluce – Three-Light

Gald to meet you, Triluce.

Magnificent in all senses of the word, I oversee the other three and bring forward any teaching needed on earth today. I am the light energy of source, the God you seek to be fully connected to. Your soul has drawn you to this space today. You are here to be in the presence of TRILUCE.

The significance of God is delivered with the power of Triluce. This celestial energy reaches the meta pack of stability around God. You will only know this essence when you are enlightened to the sense of understanding and not asking and working from the human ego.

Enlightened in the sense of achievement with your connection to soul energy, the reason you are here. Accepting the love of your soul, your inner passion, and accepting that all you have encountered is what was intended. Only then will you have scales of enlightenment in your life. You will receive more than you can imagine at these stages, and it is Triluce that brings the confirmations and pathway of light centred blessings. Believe and Trust for your life on earth right now.

Triluce will guide Zıkton, Zanola and Manscule to those in their own power and accept their rightful place on earth.

Working conscientiously at all times will send the perfect vibrations to be seen by the vibrant luminescence of Triluce.

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