UE Spiritual Healing


I believe we are all healers or at least have healing capabilities.

Some choose to or not to use it in this lifetime.

What is UE Spiritual healing?

Over the years I have trained in many different healing modalities including massages.

Never finding one to fully satisfy my  clients  needs as it was taught to me, I decided adapt and create my own… hence

Universal Energy Spiritual Healing was born


The healing energy flows from the universe through the hands of the healer to the client.

You may sense this as heat or cold, tingles or waves of energy flowing through your body; some people feel nothing at all and go to sleep.

I believe we receive what we need whether it be in healing or guidance.

I have seen, on many occasions crystals placed on  the clients body not literally, in MY vision.

Colour is given to correspond with their chakras and a cleansing of the auric field happens.

Healing with me, May include a massage of your tummy area, under the ribcage to the top of the pubic bone, you know, that 6 pack or squidgy area!  (you don’t have to have this, but it is wonderful and nurturing)


Healing will be without the massage allowing you to soak up some amazingly connective energies. As you relax and fall into a wonderfully soulful place for the time of healing.

There are no words for this connection, it just feels so soulfully connected.

I guess you have to try it for yourself!

As I connect to your body,  a correlation between either the Heart, Head or Base chakra becomes apparent.

My hand will vibrate as it is placed on the tummy and with the corresponding chakra as guided by my intuition and universal energies.

This is always a very moving experience both for the client and myself as I connect to the energies.

For example if you have problems to do with the heart chakra connecting to anxiety, indecision, loss be that by death or loss of a love relationship, it is possible to release this tight connection enabling more freedom in your life.


Healing is given to all your chakra areas, to restore and rebalance. Healing may be given to other areas of you body and/or Auric field too.

Why would you deny yourself the best possible base to live from?

I feel and know I am blessed to do this work.


Very often I am given an insight into your organs and know that work is carried out internally. (Some call this psychic surgery)




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