Verses- channelled

I absolutely LOVE channelling verse, well not just verse all the words that are give to me from… somewhere…

So far I have over 300 verses. 

I have channelled my book, ZOETIC SOUL, Pertaining to life. Your life. Available on Amazon with 5* reviews

How does this all happen?

I do not know the science behind all this, and in fact wonder if there is any real evidence as to how this happens.

Me, I begin to get urges to write; my head becomes full of words that I know need to go on paper or be typed into a document.

I take myself into a calm space and begin to write.

I know all my work is to be shared with the people of the Universe.

I know you will all resonate with something I write. Even if you take one little word off the page or one little word you hear into your life and make a difference, then my work is working!

This page is here to share the verses I have written, I call them verses as there is no real structure to each one, and all are different. All have a message to share, words and scenarios you will resonate with.


Click on the pictures to be taken to each verse




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