Why Choose Me?

Why choose me to work with?

I love giving you the tools to develop and reap what you sow.
I love to see you grow.
I love to enable your soul inside.
To be given its rightful place to reside.
Soul energy will surpass any thoughts you have right now.
Develop and grow beyond your visions and imaginations’, How?
Connect, listen, dive in and secure your time.
Excel and be in your own rhyme!

My background is in teaching; I am a fully qualified teacher with Nottingham Trent university UK.

For many years, I have worked with people on all levels in all types of positions in their lives and career.

Woking intuitively is an amazing skill too.

It is always my intention to give you, all that is needed to take you where you can be in life.

I have the intuitive ability to access wisdom and guidance that is for your soul purpose journey.

I followed the life clues, wrote and published a book ZOETIC SOUL

I recently watched a Soul Sunday where Ekheart Tolle was giving an interview to Oprah Winfrey and he was asked where he got his information from…
He said, something along the lines of “It comes in all around.” and he gesticulated around his head. “It is not in my mind but from around here.”

This is exactly where my wisdoms come from, I totally resonated with what he was saying. Not my head but from another source, surrounding me!

This is how I deliver to you the exact guidance for you on any given day.
You choose to accept the guidance/information further or not.

Your uniqueness is ready to unleash!

My life purpose is to educate be that by guiding, mentoring, coaching, delivering a lesson/workshop or being part of a discussion group.

To give you the skills you need, to enable access and live your life purpose.
To create an exceptional, improved, actionable awesome life.
The one you came here to live!

So many people say to me… “oh, I never thought of it in that way…” I can give you different ways to think and see things in your life now and to come… just beautiful

Me…”Being open and unambiguous, I say it how it is. Thus, delivering on point guidance for you.
I am empathic, kind and considerate. I work with integrity and respect always.
I have overcome struggles, illness and scenarios just like most people in life.
I love my life and grow with its constant evolution.”

I understand how to change what I don’t want and how to access the Universal-Energies to bring change, knowledge, wisdom and succinct guidance for you!

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