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Z-Angels of God’s Light

Here we are!

Thank you for being as excited as we are.

We do not say this lightly. We are four Angels working with the light energy of God. Jan has channelled our energies and given us the opportunity to release ourselves. To find out more about us individually, click on our names.

We are all the lights of God’s rays. We are the plausible inconsolable life force that has never entered the earth. We are the space between the space and the four who will bring forth your change in mind, body and spirit. See the shift within as we connect to you. The shedding of the extraneous gunk you have collected over time will be exterminated. By you, you will learn with the angels to be in flow and capture the beautiful essence of being you.

Read about each of the Z-Angels who are working with us now.

Who do you resonate with?

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