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Hello Zıkton, happy to meet you.

The divine energy of Triluce and God, Zıkton, is in the brilliance of light in the sunset and sunrise colours on earth. The colours bring the splendour and greatness of all that is.

You will only receive from Zıkton when you are in your fully immersed soul energy. You will know this as you feel the oneness of the one soul, one angel, one connection between you both.

Light touches the soul, angel and you into the extravagance of colour. To bring forward this energy, correct your soul’s intended presence. Fully embrace this energy and know nothing can surpass your soul connection. Brace yourself for the oneness you have never experienced. You will take off and grow at a speed you have not felt in your life as a human. Only then will Zıkton connect with you.

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